Professional Indemnity – Other

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Professional Indemnity – Other

Design and Construction Firms

Clients are now insisting on Contractors having Professional Indemnity in place to cover design liability. Any Contractor that incorporates any element of design or specification within their work should consider purchasing this valuable insurance cover.

Information Technology Companies

Professional Indemnity insurance is of paramount importance for any company, firm or individual advising on information technology solutions, hardware or who provide support and various other services. Cover can be extended to include libel and slander, loss of your own or customer’s documents and unintentional breach of a written contract to supply software or hardware.

Management Consultants

There is no doubt that opinions can differ and management consultants can face allegations of negligence if their recommendations or advice fail to meet a client’s expectations and cause financial loss. Cover can be extended to include infringement of intellectual property and the cost of replacing or restoring business documents should you lose, damage or destroy them.

Media Companies

Media covers a wide range of services including publishers, advertising agencies, public relations firms, sales promotion companies and direct marketing agencies. It is crucial that you make sure the description of your business activity is accurate and not restrictive to make sure all areas of your work are covered by your insurance. Insurers view the higher risk activities are direct marketing and sales promotion and if these activities are carried out they should be fully disclosed.

Miscellaneous Companies

There are many activities which fall outside of the traditional professions headings, but which still face claims alleging negligent advice or design. In addition there is now a proliferation of new professions such as dog walkers or alternative therapists which whilst may seem low risk could end up facing allegations of negligence or even stress which may be covered by a professional indemnity insurance policy.