Cyber Liability Insurance

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Cyber Liability Insurance

For years security professionals have been saying ‘either you have been data breached or you just do not know you have been data breached!’

  • How do you know if data has been breached?
  • How safe is your Website?
  • Feel protected from organized cyber criminal gangs?

Most companies know data breach notification is mandatory in the United States, but did you know it is expected to become law in the UK with the impending EU Data Protection Regulation?

What does this mean?

If for example a laptop is lost or stolen and you cannot verify accurately which client’s data may have been accessed, you will have to assume all your data was vulnerable and notify the relevant authority and contact all your clients to disclose the breach!

Are you covered for staff stealing data?

Data leaks and data losses can lead to regulatory fines and Public Relation nightmares.
The EU is updating the data protection laws from 1995 as these were introduced before the widespread use of the internet and bearing in mind that now over 250 million people use the Internet daily in Europe.

If the EU is updating the legislation is it not about time you reviewed your insurance protection in this area?

Cyber Liability insurance can protect you from investigations, provide vital crisis management following a data breach, provide public relation repair, and provide breach coaching and notification and monitoring costs associated with a breach of information.

In addition we can cover the costs of making electronic data safe again after a leak or breach.